Dalmun Moonch Rockfest 2014 Report:

┬áThe DALMUN Mooch Rockfest, a themed musical concert was held on Tuesday, February 04, 2014 at Dawood Public School as one of the social events of DALMUN 2014. The main attraction of the event were the Mooch, Neon Bands and Glasses that were up for the grabs at the venue. It was the most awaited event not only for all students but for the teachers and staff as well. An audience of about 350 youngsters gathered at the venue which was well set with a huge stage with gyrating lights welcoming all to enjoy themselves. The first band, Grey Audio rocked the audience with their tuneful songs and compelling drum beats. The next band, the Psychonauts, kept the audience glued with amazing performances one after another and with their catchy punchline: “Are you Psychofied?!”
The final and most awaited performer, Ali Gul Pir then took the lead of the show so brilliantly that all his fans were overwhelmed by his live singing and dancing. The crowd was full of people wearing funky neon glasses and bands with moustaches pasted on their faces, singing and dancing along on his rap songs. Dalmun Mooch Rockfest was no doubt a huge success that left a magnificent mark on all the people who attended the event.


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