DAL Chef:

 Dawood A-Level Chef (DAL Chef) was an exciting cooking competition that was organized at the A-Level Section on Wednesday, February 12, 2014. The students’ culinary skills were put to a test through interesting cooking challenges. Twelve teams were given the task to prepare and assemble scrumptious sandwiches putting in the best of their creative skills to astound the judges with their platters. The teams were judged according to the set criteria which included presentation, taste, hygiene, personal and work place cleanliness, time and resource management. The judges took rounds and questioned members of each team as they worked, keeping the participants alert and active.

The tough competition left the judges to deliberate over the results for a while. The final verdict was then announced with Team “J” as the winner of the contest, and Teams “K” and “G” as the runner ups respectively. The audience and other team members congratulated and cheered for the winning teams as they enjoyed the sandwiches prepared by the participants.



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