Cleanliness Essential:

Cleanliness is essential for our well being. It is necessary to help children imbibe the habit of cleanliness at an early age developing a life-long disposition. It is the responsibility of adults to teach children the importance of keeping themselves and the environment clean. School is a place where children spend a major part of their day; and look up to their teachers for almost everything. Focusing on this, Cleanliness Day was organized in the pre-primary section on Wednesday, 10th September.
During the morning assembly, teachers discussed about cleanliness and explained to them that being clean is important for health. They were told that should wash their hands before and after meals, brush their teeth regularly, have a bath, wear clean clothes and brush their hair every. They were told that they should keep their surroundings clean and keep their books and toys in their assigned places. Teachers discussed that school is as important as home and must be maintained properly, with care and must be kept clean.
Children had brought dusters, brooms, sponges and brushes from home. They cleaned their classes with their teachers. This activity provided them a chance to work as a team and they enjoyed the task.


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