Cleanliness Day:

 Cleanliness is essential for the well being of an individual. Children spend a major part of the day in school and look up to their teachers for every thing, it becomes a teacher’s responsibility to help them develop a life long disposition of clean habits and grow up as responsible individuals. Focusing on the importance of cleanliness Pre School teachers organized a “Cleanliness Day” on Wednesday 10th September 2014.  Different activities were organized in which teachers discussed about cleanliness.
They reminded them of some habits that are a must have:
They should wash their hands before and after meals, brush their teeth twice day; have a bath, wear clean clothes not dirty them unnecessarily and also eat their food neatly without  spilling it.
Keeping their surroundings clean especially their rooms, class rooms and school. They should use the dust bin to throw litter, take care of the furniture and never use chalk or pencil on it. Never write on the school walls. The garden should be well kept as it is the most beautiful place in the school.  They should never pluck flowers, leaves or throw litter there.
Teachers helped the little ones realize that school is as important as home and that it is their duty to keep both home and school clean.
Children had brought their dusters, brooms, sponges, dust pans and brushes from home and enjoyed cleaning their classes with the help of their teachers. This activity provided an opportunity for them to develop team spirit.