CAP Session at DPS:

  Exchange for change is an initiative by Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) that aims to improve relationship between students of different countries. This program seeks to help students across borders to realize that dialogue is not only possible but sustainable too for achieving world peace and development. Through cross culture communication students can have a clear understanding of each others history, culture and life style. CAP believes that such interaction will lead to a positive change and eliminate cultural misconceptions and inter-generational conflict. Exchange of letters, postcards, pictures, artwork and videos encourages children to form their own opinions. Currently this project is running in India and USA. DPS hopes to create awareness among its students about this initiative and help them play their part in creating harmony between countries, essential for world peace and development.
On Thursday 11th September 2014 representatives of CAP visited our school and informed students about its program and encouraged them to participate.. They were asked to share their projects, videos, post cards, birthday cards and information about their festivals with the Indian students to create a feeling of brotherhood and friendship. They were shown post cards and collage work of Indian students reflecting their culture and diversity. They also made collage reflecting Pakistan’s cultural diversity.

Later students were given a questionnaire about India which they filled enthusiastically.  

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