BSS Science Exhibition:

On the 16th February 2013, students of Dawood Public School participated in the BSS “Science Exposed 2013” organized by Beacon School System, Gulshan Cambridge Branch. Our students worked on the design and working of the project with the help of their teachers. They showed great enthusiasm during the whole event which earned them second position in the competition despite tough competition from leading schools of Karachi. The students tactfully grasped the attention of the audience by their solar cooker, solar bulbs and the revolving door powered water pump model. The judges were highly impressed by the students’ innovative approach to the quest of conserving natural sources of energy and were awestruck by our students’ immense knowledge on the topic. There is no doubt Hasma Ahmed (VIII-D), Khillat Zehra (VIII-D), Areeba Fatima (VIII-B), and Fatima Asif (VIII-D) our little scientists can create awareness among huge crowds of people.

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