Bake Sale In Secondary and Primary Section:

Bake Sale on 17th and 18th September were organized by the secondary and primary section with the objective to inculcate a feeling of love for the less privileged; to learn how to carryout transactions and also to provide an opportunity for them to work as a team.  He secondary student and students of class IV and V of the primary section participated in the sale. Each section was divided into four groups and their teachers helped students decide about the items that they would like to sell. The management provided tables, stalls were set up in the secondary courtyard where the students displayed food items, games and accessories. Though the teachers were there for assistance, the students benefited with their previous year’s experience and set up stalls with attractive posters, price lists and dealing with money. They seemed enthusiastic and energetic to raise funds.

The sale started at 10:30 am and lasted for an hour. All the teachers and students of primary, secondary and A level sections supported the fund raising event by generously purchasing their favorite items at the prices that they were offered. It is amazing to note that within an hour four sections each of  classes IV – V, managed to raise an amount of Rs.40,300 /-and the secondary section collected an amount of Rs 44,560.
The proceeds of the sale amounting to Rs 84,860 will be donated to the earthquake victims.


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