Animals Day:

  Animals play an important part in the environment. They are a part of the circle of life. Humans depend on animals for food, clothing and companionship. Animals populate every part of the Earth and can be found in vast numbers and of various shapes, sizes and colours. The animal kingdom comprises of different species that live on land, sky or in the ocean.

To share the information about animals we conducted an activity about “Animal’s Day” on Friday, February 28, 2014 in Pre-Primary section.

Different animal projects made by the teachers and students  using recycled material were displayed in the assembly area  and classes categorized as Wild animals, Pet animals, Farm animals, Arctic animals, Sea animals, Birds, reptiles and insects. Children dressed up according to the themes assigned to their class and shared information about the habitats, food, young ones and the sounds they make. Some little ones brought live animals bunnies, hen, duck, turtle and parakeets. This gave them a more accurate understanding of the animals.

Class discussions were conducted among the students of KG II’s and they were encouraged to write creatively about their favourite animal.

Parents were invited to be a part of this activity and they highly appreciated the combined efforts of teachers and students. They also made videos of the event.

The activity was integrated with all subjects to create awareness about animals and the responsibility that comes as a part that we should be kind and gentle towards them and treat them nicely.



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