After Exam Activities 16th to 22nd May, 2014:

Each year, after a hectic fortnight of exams we provide our students with some refreshing and relaxing activities. The Activity Week is a much sought after and awaited program where students enjoy the various activities their teachers have planned for them. This program provides them with a pressure free environment where they interact with their peers; connect with their teachers and express their creativity.
Activities are the back bone of a well-planned school program. Apart from providing first hand learning experience to students these activities provide them with opportunities to interact, explore and enjoy with their peers. Along with recreation these activities helped our students discover and learn to use important tacit skills.
 The Activity Week began with a number of exiting and creative activities in all the three sections.


Pre Primary Section:

T-Shirt Painting:

Children brought their own white T-Shirts on which they painted I     DPS with the help of stencils and sponges using different colours. They expressed their love for DPS and enjoyed the activity. They were very proud of their work and were excited to show it to their families. They went back home wearing the ”I love DPS“ T-Shirts. This activity stimulated their creativity; they produced a unique piece of art to be cherished.

Clay Day:

Children are delighted by the sensory and tactile quality of clay and enjoy working with it hence a “Clay Day” was organised for them. Clay was provided to them, they manipulated it in whatever way they desired. With their two little hands, creative imagination, some tools and lots of inspiration they created master pieces in their own style according to their age. All participated enthusiastically it gave them inner satisfaction and a chance to express their feelings through art.

The objective of this activity was to encourage children to work in groups, polish their fine motor skills and also to stimulate their imagination.   

Sharing Day:
Some kids are great about sharing, and others can’t stand the thought of it. Regardless of which side the child is, a sharing lunch activity was planned in which children were encouraged to share their lunch willingly with their classmates. Teachers talked about the benefits of sharing and the satisfaction derived from the act.
Pre-Nursery children prepared watermelon punch with the help of their teachers. This activity was thoroughly enjoyed, not only did they learn about sharing and caring but also enjoyed a delicious drink in the sizzling weather.

Splash Day:
Fun, fun, fun! What a cool way to celebrate summer. Children had a memorable time with their classmates.  The Splash Day was great way to kick off the summer heat. Students wore swimming costumes, jumped into the pools filled with water,  splashed excitedly in groups and drenched each other with their water guns. On a hot summer day splashing about in a pool with friends was a very refreshing way to end the school year.


Primary Section:

To make the activity more fulfilling and challenging for the students, the teachers analysed the aim of the games and the learning experience that students would achieve from them. So the teachers planned games accordingly such as the target game (Nine Pins), Ludo, mathematical games, Snakes and Ladders, Follow the Maze (Find your Way) and a multiplication game of 50. These games were very exciting and there was a sense of healthy competition amongst the students to win the most games themselves. These games had an amazing recreational element.
Bilingual Activities:
Storytelling, drama, audio visual clips, crossword puzzles, show and tell and solving riddles were planned as language enhancement activities. Students had to be attentive and mindful while the audio clip played as teachers later asked questions related to it. During show and tell session they presented their favourite toy to the class and gave imaginative descriptions and vivid explanations of why they like it. This helped them to speak freely and developed their confidence. The crossword puzzle kept the students engrossed as they tried their level best to solve it.  To hone their writing skills teachers’ motivated students to imagine that they were writers and to write , they penned interesting stories. The Urdu plays Aam Ka Darkht and Chatpati Chaat gave an opportunity to our young thespians to showcase their talents. These plays were very well enacted and enjoyed. Aam ka darakht explained the benefit of trees and illustrated the important role trees play in our lives. Chatpati Chat was a humorous play; it helped lighten the post-exam stress, Boojoh to Janain brought out the competitive spirit in the students as everyone wanted to win and thus used their wits to solve the riddle as quickly as possible.
Interesting activities were planned. Students of classes I and III presented and shared healthy snacks and made a scrap book about their favourite food. To inculcate good habits in them, teachers discussed table manners.  Students of class II  made a scrapbook about the Solar System with brief details about each planet was prepared by the students.  To help them better understand the concept of temperature measurement and also to balance theory with practice  students of class IV and V were taught to make thermometers using simple equipment such as a glass jar with a hole punched in the lid, a straw, liquid alcohol, water and food colour. To check if the thermometer worked they went around the school to note the difference in temperature at different places.
To satisfy students’ creativity and to help them experiment and work with ideas, the art teachers planned collage and egg shell activities which the students enjoyed. The pottery class was a new experience they were taught the use of the pottery wheel, and the basic pottery techniques. Students under the supervision of their teachers made interesting variations of their choice using their imagination and creativity. The discovery and joy of creating something new was evident on their faces.
To create awareness about the Road Safety Rules and the need to follow them, a team of the Traffic Police Department was invited to our school on Wednesday 21st May 2014. A group of thirty five students, two teachers and the primary in charge attended the session in the police mobile caravan parked in the school ground. The team explained the rules of crossing a road by foot and what a zebra crossing is. Later a documentary was screened that highlighted the Road Safety Rules. Students watched the documentary with concentration and interest.    At the end the team Head held an interactive and informative Q/A session in which students participated enthusiastically.

Secondary Section:

Music Competition:
A music competition was arranged for the students of Class VI, VII and VIII. Students who had registered earlier for the audition sang different Pakistani songs from the list provided to them by music teachers. The songs were divided in three categories i.e., folk, pop, classical and ghazals. Songs like Dasht-e Tanhai, Dil Dil Pakistan, Roothe ho tum Piya and some pop numbers of Nazia Hassan made the atmosphere divine, serene and exciting. Audience enjoyed the songs and cheered all the participants throughout the competition rounds. Organ, harmonium and guitar were played by our music teachers to complement the songs. Students who qualified for the final round proved their talent on Tuesday 20thMay, 2014. After a tough competition winners were selected from each class and their names were announced at the end of the event.
Cooking Activity:
A presentation by the Food and Nutrition Department on Healthy Food Habits was conducted for students of classes VI to VIII. The presentation dealt with various aspects of healthy and unhealthy food habits, food groups and food pyramid. Students found the activity interesting and actively participated in the discussion.
Students of Class VI with the help of cooking teachers made Rainbow sandwiches with three different fillings prepared with eggs, vegetables, chutney and ketchup and Chicken Burritos with corn salsa. They enjoyed working in a group. Later, they had fun sharing the delicious recipes with each other.
Art Activity:
As usual the Art activities were a hit. Students of Class VI were introduced to delightfully enjoyable clay work. Clay was provided to all the students by the school assisted by Art teachers they made articles such as baskets, wells etc. The clay creations looked well-made and very realistic.  Students had fun playing and creatively using clay as a medium of expression.
This year the Art Department introduced sculpting as another art form for students to explore. Students were taught the basics of pottery making and the use of pottery wheel. Two techniques wheel throwing and coil method were introduced. They worked with uninhibited enthusiasm and made different kinds of pots using both the methods.  These pots were displayed and appreciated by all.
Indoor Games:
Confined indoors due to extreme heat students played indoor games carom board, scrabble, ludo and thoroughly enjoyed. They showed competitive energy throughout the activity. Sports teachers were equally involved and maintained discipline so as to make all the games fair.
Bilingual Activities:
English department organised a creative writing competition. Teachers guided students on how to develop skills useful to hone this talent. They were asked to write a passage on given topic within a set time-frame. Selected passages were shared with class. Students learnt valuable key points in improving and developing creative writing skills with the help of their English teachers.
The famous Urdu drama “Talim e Baleghan”, a classic of sixties was screened for students. The theme revolves around the idea of encouraging people of all ages to acquire knowledge. The language and vocabulary used is pure Urdu, which made the students delve into their knowledge of the language to deeply appreciate its wit. Students enjoyed the teleplay’s humour and message. Mughal period is the best era of Muslim dominance in the sub continent. Students enacted a play to relive the moments of Mughal life. Some aspects of Babar’s, Humayun‘s and Akbar’s life were portrayed.  Students worked hard to create Mughal ambience on the stage. It was a treat to watch them perform so well.
Islamiyat Quiz:
Students of Class VII  arranged an Islamiyat Quiz for Classes VI and VII all sections. Participants were divided into four teams. The first part of the competition comprised of four rounds warm up round, buzzer round, elimination round and then the final round. Team C of class VI and team A from Class VII won the first position. Questions were well prepared and participants showed excellent performance by answering most of the questions. To keep the audience entertained while the judges prepared their results an audience round was held which was well-appreciated. The selection of Naats recited in the interval also made the environment soothing and spiritual. At the end results were announced and winners received prizes from the Principal and the Secondary In-charge.
The Computer Department arranged the screening of the animated movie “Frozen” for classes VI to VIII. Students enjoyed the movie. It was a very good film technically and also imparted the message of sharing.


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