After Exam Activities 2012:

Pre-Primary Section:

Magic and Puppet Show:
On 15 May 2012 an activity was arranged to give children an opportunity to get mentally relaxed after the commencement of their assessments which they enjoyed whole heartedly.
It was full of fun and entrainment and was a great learning experience for children as they were encouraged to come up and perform some acts with the magician and few physical exercises were also conducted to keep them involved with them.

The magic show was quite eye capturing for everyone and so was the puppet show.

Monkey show and Donkey cart riding:
On Wednesday, 16 May 2012 the school arranged a interesting activity for children which was related to their transport theme / modes of transport. A donkey cart ride was arranged for the students where three carts were brought in the school’s parking area.
Children were extremely excited to have this ride as it was once in a life time experience for them which enhanced their learning about the usage of donkey their food and reasons for it to be used in the means of transportation.
It was a fun filled day as the children were given the surprise of jumping castle in the school’s garden area after their ride on donkey carts.

Movie Day:
On Monday, 21 May 2012 we had a surprise movie day planned for the students of Pre-Primary. Students were taken to the secondary section seminar room where animated movie “Madagascar” was shown to them.

They felt as if we have taken them to a cinema and showed them the movie.
Children were overwhelmed and were surprised to watch movie on big screen like a cinema.

Bugs’ Party:
On Friday, 18 May 2012 a fascinating activity where inclusion of the bugs found in nature was arranged. All the students were told to come to school and pretend to be a bug and explain to her classmates the bug they are emulating.
Children’s excitement was something which no one was expecting. All came dressed like bugs such as cockroaches, caterpillars, lizards, spiders, honeybees etc.

They enjoyed emulating the bug and they gave information about their habitats and food.
Parents of the students were also very excited and helped whole heartedly to make this unique bug party a huge success.

Reading and role-play Day:
On Thursday, 17 May 2012 a story narration and role-play activity was planned to give chance to children to enact on their favorite stories and develop their listening skills.
Stories were narrated b their respective teachers and then children were told to pretend as their favorite character from the story and act accordingly.
Stories were chosen keeping in mind the specific moral which we want to instill in our children.  

They enjoyed this activity as they felt that they are in some different world.

Free hand painting:
On Tuesday, 22 May 2012 we organized a freehand painting day for Pre-Primary Section.Children were encouraged to use their imagination and be creative as they were not given any directions from their teachers which then turned out as a beautiful surprise. They were engrossed in exploring their imagination with lots of fun and enthusiasm.

They were not given any paint brushes and were told to use their fingers for painting which gave them complete freedom to discover that it can be real fun in getting dirty with paints. Children as well as teachers loved this activity as they were given an opportunity and outlet through which they can enter in the world of imagination.

Children were very proud of their work and were excited to show it to their families.

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