Workshop: ‘Emotional Well Being’

On Tuesday, 22nd September 2015, Grade XI was privileged to attend an important and informative session about mental wellbeing.  Ms Beenish Nafees and her team from the ‘Ministry of Change’ discussed the importance of emotional health, emotional trauma and ways of dealing with these. They informed that it was expected that by 2020 depression would be the major cause of disability in human beings. Hence mental health must be considered as important as physical health. The importance of ‘Compassionate Listening’ in dealing with mental illness was portrayed through a role play in which our students also participated.
Ms Sualeha Sheikhani, alumni of Dawood Public School discussed about the various aspects and the varying degrees of recovery from mental instability and the importance of professional help  needed to deal with the condition.
The session provided students with an insight into mental health, which in our society has not been given much priority as compared to physical health.