Report about visit to National Museum of Pakistan:

It has long been recognized that museums are educational institutions offering a positive and inspiring experience to its audiences and can influence lifelong museum visiting habits.  A single visit to a museum can expose visitors to in-depth information on a subject.
As a part of their History lesson, a visit to the National History Museum was arranged for Grade V B and C students.
The National Museum of Pakistan was established in 1950 and houses a decent collection of various artifacts from Indus Valley Civilization, Mehergarh, Harappan Gallery of Medieval Period, Coin Gallery, Quran Gallery and Tribal Gallery projecting life style of provinces of Pakistan.
The group of students was guided to various wings of the museum. Throughout the visit, the students were fully engaged hearing to the Museum curator’s interpretation of the materials, fascinating exhibits and clear, well-structured and accessible information and with provocative questions.
We found this museum to be very rewarding with effective outcomes, such as increased motivation and interest, sparking curiosity and improved attitudes towards a topic.
The visit to National History Museum of Pakistan will be arranged for the other classes as well in the upcoming weeks accordingly.