Visit to Naheed Super Store:

In an effort to introduce the students of the discipline ‘Food and Nutrition’ to fresh food products e.g. fruits, vegetables meat etc, an educational trip to Naheed Super Store was arranged on 27thApril, 2015. The trip enabled students to identify the physical and nutritional properties of various foods and helped them to analyze the merits and demerits of their consumption.
Students were really excited about this trip and were looking forward to it.  At Naheed  Super Store they visited the fruits and vegetables section. A variety of fresh fruits vegetables of good quality were available. They also saw a variety of fruits and vegetables which are not locally available  e.g.  celery, broccoli, ice berg lettuce, kiwi, mushrooms, berries etc.
In the meat section different cuts of fish, beef, mutton and chicken were available here they were able to identify various meat cuts and their use in cooking according to their distinct qualities.
They also visited the lentils section and the packaged food section. They compared different food labels to check the nutritional merits and demerits of packaged food.