Visit to a farm:

Students of class V and VI were taken on a field trip to Toufiq Pasha Farm on 17th and 18th November. The farm is located on the outskirts of Karachi so it gave the children an opportunity to experience fresh air the joys of a long journey away from the city’s pollution. They were welcomed by Mr. Pasha and his staff when they reached the farm. They were divided into groups and each group was taken on a tour of the different areas of the farm such as the fish pond, the peacock cage, the water well, the goat and cow shed; the vegetable and cotton fields. The deep well sparked students’ curiosity prompting Mr. Pasha to inform them that the well is 2000 feet deep and 200 years old, its water is distributed to different areas of the farm for cultivation.  At the cotton field he explained the method of cotton cultivation and thread making. Later students had snacks and played games and some explored the farm accompanied by their teachers.  An interesting candle making activity was organized for them. Mr. Pasha taught them the art of candle making. He also gifted some plants to our school garden as souvenir. Students were very active and energetic throughout the trip. They had great fun, though the weather was very hot. The scorching heat did not affect their energy and excitement.  Students were overheard saying to each other that it was the best field trip they had ever had. They captured these memorable moments in their cameras.



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