Teacher Training Workshop:

On the commencement of the new session 2013 – 2014 a four day teacher training workshop was conducted by the Principal from 12th to 17th August 2013.The objective of the workshop was to make the teachers aware of the knowledge and understanding and practice of the dynamics of teaching at Dawood Public School and to enable them to enhance their skills to plan and implement their professional and career goals.  
The CEO’s vision “Enlighten my Soul, Enlighten my Being” that aims to empower young women with capabilities of critical thinking, analysis and awareness of disparate environments; to instill in them knowledge and acumen, enabling them to be proactive members of a learning community sensitive to the plight of others were highlighted.
During the workshops roles and responsibilities of teachers, service rules for teachers and the impact of the first lasting impression a teacher  has on her students, lesson planning, effective teaching guidelines for effective assessment, classroom management, record keeping, assembly presentations, soft board displays, student counseling,  maintaining  attendance registers and other policy  matters were discussed .

The workshops were informative and interactive. For certain activities teachers were divided into groups. Over all it was very successful and it kept all the participants involved



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