Tableau reports:

“Maa ka Khwab” (4 February): Urdu Tableau
Students of class V presented a tableau on the poem “Maa ka Khawab”,by  Allama Iqbal.  The poem is about a mother whose son has died.  A student of class V enacted the role of the mother. She very profoundly portrayed the love and sentiments of the mother and also her grief and agony at the loss of her son.  She feels his presence everywhere, even in her dreams. Some girls performed the role of children who had also died and were living happily in the world hereafter.  The poem is very sentimental, and students presented it in such a way that it created a touching atmosphere. All students and teachers appreciated the performance with a loud round of applause.

All things bright and beautiful (19 February): English Tableau
Students of classes III and IV presented a tableau on the poem “All things bright and Beautiful”, by Cecil F. Alexander. The poem focuses on the components of the world that contribute to enhance the beauty of nature. The stunning beauty of birds, insects, rivers, mountains, sun and flowers makes us think of God Almighty, the Creator.  Students performed the characters of these elements very well. The colourful costumes, props and the stage presented a very vibrant view and hence made the morning bright and lively. Students delivered the poem with proper diction and intonation which created a refreshing atmosphere early in the morning.