Subject Selection Orientation Meeting 2017:

Subjects’ selection at school plays an important role in students’ life as this is the first step on the path of their potential career. To facilitate VIII grade students to make thoughtful selection of subjects for O levels, subject orientation sessions were held on Monday, 13th and Tuesday, 14th of March. The sessions commenced with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran. Later the school counsellor advised parents and students to select the subjects they would like to pursue based on their interest, proficiency and choice. Parents were apprised with the subject selection form, details of the compulsory and optional subjects, their criteria, combinations and groups. The subject teachers gave effectual multimedia presentation highlighting the scope, demand and learning strategies of the subjects.  
The session concluded with the question and answer session. Parents’ queries were addressed by the Subject Coordinators, Section In-charge and the Principal.


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