Student Council 2016-17:

The oath taking ceremony of the newly elected Student Council 2016-17 was held on Monday, 29th August.  All junior council members, representing Classes III to X were awarded sashes.  The senior most class of the O Level Section, the students of Class XI were adorned with gowns; grey for the 16 Head Prefects - four from each section. Coloured bands, red for Bilquis Edhi House, yellow for Bapsi Sidhwa House, green for Fatima Jinnah House and blue for Anita Gulam Ali House added colour to the grey gowns of the four House Captains. Blue gowns were given to the two Deputy Head Girls who had won the elections just a week ago. The DPS Head Girl who won in a landslide victory for representing the School in session 2016-17 was presented the most coveted red gown.

As always, the ceremony was emotional as well as inspiring.  Junior girls noted how the efforts of their seniors were acknowledged, appreciated and awarded by their alma mater.  The oath, lead by Dania Riaz the Head Girl was eloquently and respectfully taken, as an official start to another year of DPS traditions and successes.

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