Reading Week:

25th Nov to 29th Nov 2013
 Reading aloud is an important skill that needs to be developed in children. It helps to develop language skill and children learn to read with proper diction and express themselves confidently, it also enhances their vocabulary and imagination.
To inculcate the habit of reading in children the preschool teachers organized a “Reading Week”. Parents were invited to come and read stories to the children, most of them came dressed as a character of the story they were reading. On 29th November teachers also dressed as a character of the story they read, Mulan from the Japanese traditional story, Princess from Cinderella and Beauty the Beast old woman from Once their was an old womans.  Stories suitable to the age group were read aloud with expression and enthusiasm this gave it a dramatic touch. Vivid and specific vocabulary was introduced and also explained. Some fun filled illustrations from the books were shown to the students.
This activity fostered in them a love for books and stories. It provided an opportunity for them to participate in role play and interact with their elders. It was an enjoyable experience for them.




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