Profession Theme:

Profession is an occupation or practice which requires set of knowledge and skills through formal education. In order to teach the significance of education which is the first step towards becoming a professional, we conducted an activity on “Professions” from Monday 2nd April, 2018 to Friday 6th April, 2018.


The activity was incorporated with all subjects to raise awareness about professions and to brief the students how different people serve mankind in their own specific ways.

Children were dressed up as their assigned professions such as Doctor, Tailor, Gardener, Chef, Musician, and Barber etc. They were explained about their respective jobs and where they work.

Children enjoyed a lot and were fascinated by different activities set by teachers. They likewise discovered that each individual who is serving our society through his/her abilities expects and requires respect. Celebrating Profession Day will enable them to comprehend various professions in a better way.