Safety Presentation:

The school had organized a presentation in cooperation with the KESC staff on the hazards and protection measures against fire, shock and burns.

During the assembly KESC personnel performed a short but well exhibited demonstration of how children should react when a fire breaks down in a house or at school. They informed the students about the severity of the fire and its possible consequences. They strictly advised the audience not to touch electrical appliances or power points with wet hands; or to use the damage appliances or have exposed wires. They also advised the students to act sensibly and not lose their head or panic under any such circumstances.

They educated the students about the fire fighting equipments i.e. fire alarm and fire extinguisher. They told the students that when a fire occurs, it is important to get out, stay out and call 16. Emergency equipment can be helpful, but it is important to know how and when to use it. Unless it is safe to do so, they shouldn’t attempt to tackle fires themselves. They demonstrated the use of fire extinguisher.

On the whole it was a well demonstrated and informative presentation which the students really found amusing, informative and educational. 

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