International Kangaroo Science Contest (IKSC):

International Kangaroo Science Contest (IKSC) was held for the first time in Pakistan on September 15, 2016. Science competitions provide a platform for students to enhance their ability to explore, discover and satisfy their curiosity.
Following students were awarded medals for their endeavour:
Name                                                                  Class                     Medal
Ammara Mohammad Ahmed                         Class I                    Bronze
Zehra Baqar                                                       Class I                    Bronze
Sarah Khurram                                                  Class II                   Bronze
Anahita Sorathia                                               Class III                   Bronze
Ayesha Siraj                                                       Class IV                  Bronze
Safa Nadeem                                                     Class IV                  Bronze

The Principal and the Science coordinator were awarded shield and certificate for preparing and motivating students to participate in such events that provide scientific knowledge.