Interclass Spelling Bee Contest:

The interclass Spelling Bee Contest was held on 28th October, 2013 in the Secondary Section (Seminar Room).Grade VI, VII, VIII,IX and X participated in the contest. The students from each section were selected. Each grade consisted of 12 participants and 4 teams. Altogether there were 13 teams.
Before the contest commenced, rules for each round were read out and explained to the participants and they were also informed about the time limit. Students were well prepared and seemed confident. They followed the given instructions and rules, maintained proper discipline throughout the contest. Their fellow friends and class mates supported, encouraged and cheered them up for telling the correct spelling.
Ms .Zehra and Ms.Summaya were the pronouncers, Ms,Mahveen worked on the scoring sheet and made announcements before starting the new round. Ms.Sumaira Ghazi maintained a record of scores for the audience and the participants. There were 3 rounds i.e., buzz word round, bonus /elimination round, final round.
It was beneficial for all the students who attended the contest whether they were the participants or supporters, they learnt the rules of Spelling Bee and the way the word is pronounced.

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