I Am Karachi Teach For Peace Conference:

The Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) in collaboration with the “I am Karachi” movement, organized a two-day conference titled, “I am Karachi: Teach For Peace” on January 24 and 25, 2015 at Dawood Public School A-Level. The aim of this conference was to make a conscious effort in raising awareness about core issues and basics of peace education, non-violent social interactions, tolerance etc. in teachers, parents and students. Over 600 participants from all over Karachi, including teachers, students and parents attended the conference. The event started off with the opening ceremony on January 24. Ms Huma M Thaver Principal A-Level, Dawood Public School, welcomed the participants and gave an overview of the conference in her address. Prof. Zakia Sarwar, shared the vision of SPELT whereas Mr. Amin Hashwani, the head of the “I am Karachi” consortium spoke about “I am Karachi” Movement. Mr. Javed Jabbar (former Federal Minister) inspired the audience with his key note address on “Teacher: Change-maker, Peace-builder, Leader”. The opening ceremony was followed by Plenary and breakout sessions conducted by various learned and experienced presenters. These sessions were based on the four themes; “Facing Challenges”, “Media For Peace”, “Richness in Diversity” and “Teachers and Parents as Agents of Peace”. The two-day event culminated with a panel discussion on the topic “How can peace be nurtured in the society”, with Dr. Haroon Ahmed, Ms Tina Sani, Mr Amir Zia, Ms Sabrina Dawood, Mr Khalid Ahmed and Ms Wajeeha Naqvi as the panelists and Prof. Zakia Sarwar as the moderator of the discussion.  All panelists shared their thoughts on the topic and shed light on how each individual can work towards inculcating peace within themselves and the society as a whole. The discussion was followed by a question and answer session. The smooth running and success of the event was shouldered by the proud volunteers of the event, the DPS A-Level girls along with the SPELT volunteers. Dawood Public School was amongst the winning schools of the art competition on “My Vision of Peace”. The ceremony ended on a positive note with all attendees pledging to not only own Karachi but also take responsibility for spreading peace, happiness and respect amongst all.  


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