IT Olympiad 2014:

  IT Olympiad has become a regular feature of Computer Department. It was held on  Thursday, 24th April 2014 in the main Seminar Room which was a quiz competition comprising of challenging four rounds contested by Grade IX students.

Four teams representing each section of class IX were:

LCD: Maheen Iqbal and Iqra Edhi (IX CH)
Woofers: Maria Javed and Sara Fatima (IX SB)
Webcam: Kainat Barkati and Rida Altaf (IX C)
Keyboard: Zill-e-Huma and Madih (IX SA)

The event commenced with an audio Tilawat of Surah Ar-Rahman, followed by an introduction by the anchor person. Later two inspirational videos on the Magical World of Technology were shown.
All four teams participated in the first two rounds.  One team was eliminated at the end of the second round.
The third round, buzzer round was played between three teams, at the end two teams qualified for the final round.
Before the final round a video on “How technology is helping people” was screened for the audience.  The title of the video was ’Sorry’. This video conveyed the message that even small children can inspire elders to apologize for their mistakes.
The fourth round was the quick answers rapid fire. Finally for its excellent performance the best team Woofers was declared WHIZ CHAMPIONS 2014 Olympiad.
At the end, Principal awarded gifts and certificates to the teams. The event concluded on the positive remarks by the Principal and the secondary in-charge.

The whole event included some exciting segments about technology. A small skit presented by class VI students on the misuse of technology was enjoyed by everyone. Some interesting and informative videos were also screened which portrayed the impact of computerization in every field.


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