Apple and Banana Day Celebration:

4th and 18th September 2014
Fruits and vegetables are bounties of nature, their essentiality in diet can never be overlooked. Children need food that is nutritious and energizing and easy to eat like fresh fruits and vegetables.  The colors of different fruits and vegetables have vitamins and minerals that promote good health.
Focusing on the need of helping children eat different varieties of fruits, pre primary section organized a “Banana Day “on 4th September and an “Apple Day” on18th September  for the Play Group. Mothers were also invited to the event. Mothers, teachers and toddlers all dressed up in red and yellow attires.  At snack time children pealed the fruit with the help of their teachers and relished it with their friends and mothers. Teachers took this opportunity to introduce the primary colors “Red and Yellow”. They created red and yellow art work with the help of their teachers which was given to them as a take home prop; they were excited to carry their red hats and yellow banana art work home. 


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