First Aid Management Course:

Learning how to perform First Aid takes just a few short hours, but it can make a great difference in times of crisis, before professional help arrives. Considering the importance of basic First Aid knowledge, DPS registered students of class X for the Advanced First Aid Management course offered at the Aga Khan University Hospital. The facilitator explained what first aid is; duties of a first aider and the necessary contents of a first aid box. She discussed details on how to handle an emergency situation; how to diagnose the problem and reach for help; the kind of immediate aid to be given to a person suffering from head and spinal injury; fractures and sprains; shifting of conscious and unconscious victims and making them lie in safe recovery position. Students also learnt how to recognize the problem, Airway- Breathing and Circulation (ABC). They learnt different types of bandaging and how to apply a splint to the part with suspected fracture. Later students practiced different bandaging techniques.  It was a very informative work shop and our students learnt a very important life skill. Participants were awarded certificates.

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