O level Farewell 2015:

Keeping in with the tradition of bidding farewell to our 11th graders this year too the students of 10th grade of DPS arranged a farewell party for their seniors. The theme for the farewell revolved around “Migration” as the students have completed one phase of their lives; entering another. The backdrop depicted a picture of birds flying away from a tree – the birds representing the girls of grade XI and the tree representing DPS, their alma mater.  This theme gave an emotional feeling to the event.
The ground was transformed to host the affair with a stage, seated dining arrangement and a variety of decorations and a panaflex, placed at the entrance that specifically displayed the achievements of the outgoing batch.
The X graders dressed in sophisticated western gowns and the XI graders in cultural eastern saris lent vibrant color and a tone of celebration to the event. The air was filled with excitement and overwhelming emotions. Dazzling around in shiny, bright and colourful dresses the girls of DPS left no stone unturned to adorn themselves.
The auspicious event began at around 6:45 pm by welcoming the Principal, in charges, teachers and 11th graders.
After the welcome speech and introduction, the 10th graders came forward with the enchanting performances. They put up a humorous play that gave the beautiful message of respect for teachers. This was followed by another play; the tongue-in-cheek comedy was an exaggerated version of what happens when the teacher leaves the class it had everyone rolling in laughter.  The flashback videos prepared by X-SA, X-CH, XI-S and XI-CH included short testimonials by the teachers and students and had a series of memories entwined in carefully chosen pictures, which brought tears to the eyes of all.  Three melodious singing performances added to the nostalgic and emotional aura of the evening It really was a sight to witness such diverse talents in our students. The enchanting night moved on to the title given ceremony by 10th graders to the 11th graders. The souvenirs presented to the students of the graduating class were meticulously hand painted, decorated and delivered with grace by the students of grade X. Later on, the outgoing class XI paid their respects to the faculty by handing out titles to their teachers as a token of appreciation and gratitude.
The traditional titles were also awarded to the Class of 2015.  The highly regarded title of “Miss DPS” was awarded to Safa Imran, “Miss Science” to Sana Awan and “Miss Commerce” to Aisha Mushtaq.  Moreover Tazmeen Fatima was declared ‘The Lady of the Evening’ for her elegant dressing style and looks.  “Exclusives” were also given to the outstanding students of the batch.  Finally Sana Awan, DPS Head Girl for the session of 2014-2015 delivered a farewell speech.
The evening concluded with a befitting dinner. The X graders had put in hard work and ideas to make the occasion a delightful memory for everyone.  

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