The smallest good deed is worth a thousand grand intentions:

At DPS we continuously strive towards inculcating the value of compassion in our students. The school also focuses on making them conscious of the needs of the community and their role as compassionate citizens. To add happiness to the occasion of Eid ul Adha, our students spread joy around by sharing the blessings with children who are less blessed.They prepared  about 800 gift boxes that contained variety of items such as eatables, toys, stationery, jewellery, watches, story books and other accessories.  The Compassion society played a leading role in executing this delightful event. These boxes were shared with EDHI Center, School and college for deaf and blind (IDA-RIU), Kashan e Atfal, PECHS adopted school, and National Institute of Child Health (NICH).  They felt it was a rewarding experience, to make people feel special.

Counting your blessings and sharing with others makes countless happiness in life. Airgil




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