D Cosine:

Dawood Convention of Scientific Innovation and Noetic Enterprises (D-COSINE) is a platform provided to the students to discover and enhance their abilities in the world of Science and innovation. This most anticipated Mega Event of the Science Club was held on 28th January, 2016. The Principal Ms Mahvash Roshni, Secondary in charge Ms Nazish Hassan and Ms Talat Seema the Science coordinator addressed the students commending them on their efforts for organizing the mega event. They officially announced the event open.

The competition consisted of 3 exciting rounds:

  1. Natquesta - A Game of Diagnosis
  2. Crime Busters- Solving Mind-boggling Mysteries
  3. Innovaxia - Inculcating Creativity and Innovation


In the Natquesta round participants were tested for their knowledge in the field of Biology, Chemistry and Physics to discover the hidden potential of the students. It gave the students an opportunity to replicate Dr. House and diagnose complex diseases. It was an exhilarating round which was equally enjoyed by both the participants and the organizers.

The Crime Busters was a very popular and thrilling round, where students used their intellect, observation and analytical skills to solve a given crime. Using a video footage of a crime scene, students carried out blood and bullets tests to identify the actual murderers out of the suspects. It was a captivating experience.

Innovaxia brought together the innovative and creative ideas of the participants. The participants were divided into three categories. ‘Category A’ was assigned the construction of propeller boats, ‘Category B’ had to make paper guns while ‘Category C’ made motor cars. This was an extremely difficult challenge and only a few made to the winner list.

At the end of all three rounds, much to the merriment of participants, all of them were served lunch. A ‘Surpise Round’ was then held, which involved a race with participants having to correctly answer a question to move forward. This round formally closed the event.

The event was wrapped up by the closing ceremony in which the winners from all three rounds were s announced and the importance of participating rather than winning was impressed upon the participants. Team D-Cosine is very grateful to the Science Coordinator and all other teachers who guided them in making this a memorable event.


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