Dawood Convention of Scientific Innovation and Noetic Enterprises (D-Cosine), was organized on 21st January2015. Office bearers of the Science Club, Students of class XI S, Science coordinators and teachers planned the event. The Olympiad comprised of three rounds, Natquesta, Crime Buster and Innovaxia. These rounds were based on Biology, Chemistry and Physics. All together 114 students comprising of 19 teams from class VII-X participated in the competition. Students were divided into two groups: A and B.
Group A: Class VII- VIII
Group B: Class IX-X
CRIME BUSTER: was an exhilarating round where students were required to use their intellect, observation and analytical skills to solve a given crime.  Participants had to carry out complex procedures such as testing for blood groups; lifting shoeprints and testing for sedatives in drinks.
NATQUESTA: As the name suggests, was all about the quest for scientific knowledge. It comprised of a quiz and a diagnosis round. Students stepped into a doctor’s shoes and diagnosed the patients according to the symptoms mentioned. In the diagnosis round participants enjoyed the quiz and answered the questions within the given time.
INNOVAXIA: brought together the innovative and creative minds of DPS students. They scrutinized the instructions laid out for them, many felt intimidated by the challenge that lay before them. Group A was given the task of constructing a bridge and Group B, a catapult by the materials provided, that were merely ice cream sticks, glue and string.
As time slipped by, teams struggled and endeavoured to achieve the target within the given time. Some teams completely lost hope and were on the verge of giving up but yet, with a little motivation from the volunteers, they managed to put up their projects on time. Overall it was an intense ride that took the students through restless moments to complete projects like 'New Town Bridge' and 'Kaala Pull. They were proud to put up their projects for display and evaluation. 
The esteemed judges were impressed by the creativity and hard work that the students demonstrated in creating the projects. As the bridges and catapults were assessed for their practicality, design and creativity, two projects emerged as clear winners which were awarded the best in Group A and B awards were conferred in the closing ceremony that followed.
To make the event lively a surprise ‘Treasure Hunt’ was planned by the teachers where clues were provided, these clues led to the right location and the team arriving first was awarded points.
The entire event was an exhilarating experience for the participants and the organizers.




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