DPS plunged in sorrow; immersed in prayers:

Day of Mourning
The ruthless massacre of children and innocent people has shocked the world.   Not only the families of these murdered children but the entire nation is mourning today for those who were punished for an uncommitted crime.  To express solidarity with the bereaved families and condemn this greatest act of  cruelty and cowardice DPS announced a ‘Day of Mourning’ on 17th December 2014. All fun filled after exam activities were postponed, staff and students wore black ribbons and observed a moment of silence in the morning assembly.  The faculty, staff and students of DPS gathered in the assembly ground at 10:30 am and offered prayers for the departed souls who lost their lives in the horrific Peshawar school attack.  All sought Allah Almighty’s guidance and patience to face the hour of grief. The assembly winded up with Alama Iqbal’s Lab Pe Athi Hai Dua. It was a gripping moment where pain engulfed the hearts and filled the eyes of all present.




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