DPS Saturday School Commencement:

The long awaited DPS Saturday School commenced on Saturday, 5th August, 2017. The school now has opened its doors to all students across Karachi. Many exciting programs are offered such as Roller Skating, Robotics, Musical Instrument playing, Taekwondo, Genius Math and much more. Children enjoyed all the programs. The interaction among students, proved the excitement.

An orientation was also organized for the parents to apprise them with the Online Reading Program, Creative Expression. This was a great success as parents liked the constructive use of gadgets.

Roller Skating was a popular sport enjoyed by the students, revealing the fact, they exceeded the time limit.  Students enjoyed our Etiquette classes as they are entertaining, hands-on, interactive, and educational and are focused around imparting social skills. The fun with finger counting was very obvious during Genius Math.  The Robotics class where technology came live was another exciting program children were longing to attend. ‘Creative Correspondents’ is a popular program where children will be groomed as young journalists. The young Guitarists showed their hidden talents and displayed their musical skills to the best.