DPS Music Society Farewell Week Celebrations:

DPS Muisc Society on the behalf of Grade XI organized a ‘Farewell Week’ for the graduating students of Grade XI and also paid tribute to their fellow students and the DPS staff.
Khillat Zehra President of DPS Muisc Society and her team, Anusha Sidiqui, Falak Jaffer, Midhat Fatima, Armin Qayyum, Zoya Haider, Fiza Fatima and Lailumah Nadeem planned and implemented the whole program.
During the week members of ‘DPS Music Society’ sang melodious and emotional songs, this unique endeavour of paying tribute created excitment, the whole school was waiting for the next day’s performance
The event culminated with heart touching lyrics and the melodiuos song Mera Bichrah Yaar sung by Khiillat Zehra.   The environment became more emotional when students of Grade VII-D, Maliaka Lakhani, Marzia, Marium Batool, Hadia, Asma came up with thier “surrprize presentation” They sang the famous rendition of the great Mehdi Hassan with some minnor changes in the lyrics and performed very skillfully. This was an emotional moment as almost all the audience had tears in their eyes.  
Tumhara Aaj Mein Kar loon Nazarah Phir Chaly Jana
Yeh Gana khatm Ho Jaiy Humra Phir Chaly Jana”

New talent was discovered during the program which will be sculptered and polished by our music teachers.  We hope to have new singing stars on the DPS horizon.


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