DALMUN 2015 Opening Ceremony:

DALMUN 2015 opened today, with a bang of excitement amongst the student body from various institutions across Sindh at Dawood Public School A-Level. Endorsing the theme of “CHANGE”, all speakers at the occasion stressed the need for change in the society by beginning with themselves as initiators of change.  Mr. Sohail Zindani, the special guest speaker motivated the audience with his very practical and realistic anecdotes to embrace new ideas and filter the obsolete ones. The principal A-Level, Ms Huma Thaver further added, “The gathering of 450 students today to discuss, debate and question mindsets and perspectives to various national and global issues itself is a positive initiative to CHANGE”. She was optimistic that the high level of discussion and debate in the nine set committees would create ripple effects on delegates questioning, reflecting and widening their thinking horizon.




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