Childrens’ Cultural Day:

Universal Children's Day is celebrated globally on 20th November each year. He preprimary section observed this day on Thursday, November 26, 2015 as ‘Children’s Cultural Day.’ Both Pakistani and global cultures were depicted through different projects such as land marks, costumes, traditional dishes, famous personalities etc.

Parents were also invited to the event.

The Pre Nursery A and B students in their project ‘Karachi’ depicted the scenic beauty and the beach side entertainment, the Karachi zoo and the most impressive city landmarks, Quaid-e-Azam mausoleum, the beautiful Mohatta Palace and the Habib Bank Plaza. The traditional and famous Karachi cuisine was also displayed. The commendable and outstanding Balochi and Pukthun culture, its arts crafts and breath taking embroidered clothes were presented by the Nursery A and C kids. The village life, mud houses, wells and nature’s bounty, dried fruits and barbecued sajji were displayed. The traditional musical instrument was played by the students.
Nursery B kids portrayed the rich Sindhi culture. The popular fascinating embroidered dresses, the Ajrak and the Sindhi cuisine grabbed the attention of the visitors.
The distinctive Punjabi culture was depicted by Nursery D kids. Dressed in bright and vibrant dresses, colorful Parandas and khussas , in their warm hearted and fun loving style they welcomed the guests. The Punjabi delicious food lassi, sarso da saag, fresh salads from the fertile fields of Punjab and popular desserts zarda, were displayed,
The unique culture and heritage of Japan was presented by KG I A .Children dressed in Kimonos welcomed the visitors in their polite Japanese style. Sushi the traditional seafood popular for its subtle flavour was also displayed.
The ordinary life style of the Chinese people was presented by KG I D and A. The Great Wall of China a man made wonder and the attractive dragon boat with high speed and divine power were displayed. The regions delicious and irresistible cuisine also graced the tables.
The distinct western American culture was represented by the KG I B. The little students representing an American family gathered round the ‘Thanksgiving’ dinner table with the special meal and thanked the creator for His blessings. Distinct land marks and famous places such as the statue of liberty and Disney land were displayed.  A corner showing NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) with little girls dressed up as astronauts was also set up.
 The rich and diverse Indian culture was well depicted by the students of KG I C. The little students wore Indian saris, antique jewelry. Spicy Indian food was served in traditional crockery and the Divali festival with little diyas was a complete scenario of Indian culture. Taj Mahal the most well-known example of Indian architecture and one of the Seven Wonders of the World was also displayed.
The rich culture of Saudi Arabia and its Bedouin traditions was the theme on which the KG II A worked. Housed in tents, children in traditional dresses beautifully played the Arabian life style.  Khawa which is the simplest expression of hospitality was served in small cups with dates and sweets. Perfume (ittar) was offered by the little ones to guests who visited them.  
 The beautiful culture of Australia was represented by the students of class KG II B in which they showed the rich farming and agriculture of Australia and also displayed The Sydney Opera House, one of the most readily recognized buildings in Australia.
United Kingdom is significant for its royalty. This royal culture was represented by the students of KG II C and A in which students portrayed the imperial family and their life style. The famous land marks the Big Ben clock tower in London and Buckingham palace were also displayed in the background.
KG II D students portrayed the African tradition and life style through different art forms, such as music, dance, art, sculpture and beadwork.  Children dressed as Africans using masks, costumes, body painting and props presented the African traditional dance and entertained the visitors.
Parents’ appreciation and interest enhanced the gusto of the event. They appreciated the efforts of the teachers and children.

Thank you to the dear parents for their commendable comments. Few are shared here with. 

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