Children’s Day:

DPS aims to nurture its students as compassionate and sensitive members of the community and endeavours to imbibe in them values that will make them content, satisfied and confident.  The school also focuses on making them conscious of the needs of the community and their role as compassionate citizens.
The ‘Universal Children Day’ was celebrated on Friday 18th November, 2016. The theme of the day was ‘Sharing is Caring’.
Keeping up with the spirit of Universal Children’s Day, Dawood Public School (DPS) organised a colourful program for children of all ages. The program aimed to dismantle the barriers of discrimination and bring children from all backgrounds to play and work together creating a sense of equality and harmony amongst them.
The event featured around 3,000 students from different schools who were engaged in thrilling activities. Students from Dawood Public School, Rahat-e-Islamia School (adopted by The Dawood Foundation) participated along with students from public schools including Khatoon-e-Pakistan School, differently-abled children and street children.
The program started with a routine assembly followed by an address by the Principals O and A levels, they encouraged all the participants to promote togetherness and wellbeing among children.

Our students mingled with guest students of the invited schools and proved to be excellent hosts. Activities planned to entertain the guests were Magic Show, Lego and chalk activity. Students indulged in these activities with great enthusiasm, enjoyed the day and had endless fun. Later lunch was served. This exceptional way of celebrating the day has provided an experience that will help students reflect and understand that sharing what they have with the less privileged truly brings happiness.

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