Universal Children’s Day:

On 20th November “Universal Children’s Day” is celebrated the world over.  It is aimed at celebrating the happiness and wellbeing of children across the globe. The creation of “Universal Children’s Day” reflects the growing recognition that children are important and valued members of society.  The day reminds parents, teachers and caretakers that children require love and respect and need to be heard and loved for what they are to grow to their full potential. It is a day to celebrate childhood.
Realizing the value of this day Dawood Public School pre-primary section celebrated the “Universal Children’s Day” on Wednesday 20th November. To celebrate the day teachers planned morning presentations, creative activities, singing sessions and a fancy dress show. Children participated devotedly in these activities and made the day memorable. They participated in art work, creative and writing. To depict the glimpse of universal equality amongst children most of them were attired in dresses representing different cultures of the world. This provided an opportunity to them to learn about children of other countries and their culture. Children’s Day cards and head bands were made during the art work session these were given to the children to take home and some of these were displayed on the soft boards. These activities provided them great enjoyment and they realized their  importance in the world.

Teachers explained that not all children are as fortunate as them so helping such children will make a difference in their lives. They encouraged students to donate books and stationary from their collection (in good condition) to benefit the less privileged.


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