Career counselling session:

Reported by: Kashf Rizwan
The Writers Guild

On Tuesday, 25th August 2015, the students of the Secondary Section of Dawood Public School attended a Career Counselling Session conducted by the Alumni of the School.  Soha Ahmed, Falak Shekhani and Yusra Abbasi were the three speakers who conducted this inspiring and extremely motivating session.

Falak Sheikhani, currently a student at The London School of Economics, left the students awe struck and more inspired than ever by tracing her phenomenal achievements and academic record.  In spite of being an average student in school, she went on to get straight A*s.  She completed her A levels from The Karachi Grammar School and received exceptional results there too. Throughout her talk, she encouraged students to ‘not be afraid to dream’ and to do everything that is within their capability to achieve that dream.

An interactive session conducted by the second speaker,  Soha Ahmed,  currently a LUMS’ student, she provided the students with an insight into the world beyond the four walls of school. She guided the students regarding all the necessary requirments for admission to a prestigious university; from the internal school tests to SAT scores and involvement in extra curricular activities. She further explained the procedure for students seeking Financial Aid at Ivy League Universities and advised how to fit into new surroundings.  She also stressed upon the importance of effective time management during O levels.  Soha provided the students with extremely beneficial advice; the session being not only informative but insightful too.

The last speaker Yusra Abbasi, is also a student at LUMS, who completed her Alevels from Lyceum.  Yusra in her talk, not only discussed the importance of academic results but also stressed upon the significance of the friends one makes during O and A levels; highlighting the effects of peer pressure and other non academic stresses faced at college.  She also encouraged the students to be confident and grasp any opportunity that comes their way.

In a nutshell, this session provided the students with important insight and motivated them. Listening to the young successful women, who had not long before, been secondary students at Dawood Public School just like themselves, made them realize the whole world of possibilities that lay ahead of them in the near future, considering they make the right decisions and work hard.  Each and every student left the room more inspired than ever; their minds buzzing with all the possibilities that may be transformed into achievements.