Career Insight and Inspiration Program (CIIP):

The monthly session for the Career Insight and Inspiration Program was conducted by the multi talented Seerat Jafri Peerzadi on Tuesday, 25th October 2016.  A renowned actor, musician, artist and director, Seeret captured the attention of students from Classes XI, AS and A2 in a captivating interactive discussion.  Living up to the aim of the venture, she provided unparalleled ‘insight’ and ‘inspiration’ for her chosen career path.
The students appeared spellbound as Seeret Jafri retraced her journey in Theatre and Art. She spoke from personal experience about the hurdles she had faced and how she had overcome her fears. She exuberated a passion from within, as she spoke about the importance of making informed decisions where a tentative career choice is to be made. She showed the students that passion and hard-work are the two things that lead a person towards success and excellence. Any doubts and queries were adeptly addressed during a question and answer session.
The highlight of the session was a slide show of some glimpses of Ms. Jafri’s mesmerizing art work. She spoke about how Art allowed for multiple interpretations- a broader vision of life itself.
The CIIP will continue to enlighten and inspire its students to venture out into the world, all the more aware, informed and impassioned through continued guest talks from experts belonging to such professional fields that will surely fulfill the vision of the program.

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