DPS bagged positions at CIMA :

Students of DPS participate in the (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants} CIMA Quiz Competition every year. This year seventy three schools across Karachi participated in the event, out of these two  DPS  O level teams,  one  Beacon House team and one  Sagodhian Spirit School team qualified for the final  round. The final round was held on 4th March. The great enthusiasm and desire our students to win the competition brought laurels to the school and earned our teams 1st and 3rd positions. The judges and parents were impressed by the confidence and subject knowledge of our students. Congratulations!

Team 1 (1st Position)
Rabbioya Rizwan
Aisha Mushtaq
Maham Tariq

Team 2 (3rd position)
Aksha Zubair
Zainab Asif
Maira Irfan