Career Insight and Inspiration Program:

October: Farheen Moazzam

The October session for the monthly Career Insight and Inspiration Program was held on Tuesday 31st October to present Farheen Moazzam as an established and successful Chartered Accountant.   Students of the A Levels and the Commerce Group in Classes X and XI at the O level attended the session.

In an informative and meticulously detailed session, Farheen spelled out the academic route for this popular qualification and clarified the differences between similar finance based certifications such as the ACCA, the CFA and the MBA–Finance. She also defined the expected study time for completion of each aspect of the qualification; explaining how diversification and supplementation with CIMA, CISA and ICMA would enhance prospects in the competitive field.

The interactive session culminated with a number of highly motivated students asking pertinent questions. She provided valuable insight to their passion and inclination in pursuing careers in the fields of Accounting.  As per tradition she was presented with a basket of organic herbs grown on DPS campus.

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