(AWARE) Awareness Responsibility and Education Kids Outreach Event:

Students (12) of DPS between the ages 08 to 14 years participated in the Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education (AWARE) kids outreach event arranged by Scuba Adventures, an organization devoted to Marine Conservation. The AWARE kids program focuses on making children conscious about sea and the threats facing oceans worldwide.

On 16th September, 2017, students were taken to Marina Club DHA to participate in the event. Student volunteers from Karachi University briefed the students of the importance of mangroves and clean beaches to the environment. Later they were taken to the mangroves in Gizri Creek by speed boats from there, they proceeded to Bundal Island. They took part in a beach cleanup activity, learnt about safe boating practices as well as took part in Debris to Art project (creating Art though the debris collected on the beach). They were awarded certificate of participation.

Students enjoyed the exhilarating program. It was an experience out of the world!