Annual Sports Gala 17th to 19th February 2016:

The Annual Sports Gala of Dawood Public School scheduled from 17th to 19th February 2016, kicked off on 17th February with the Secondary and Primary section events. To ensure maximum participation of students the event was planned in slots stretched over three days.  Parents were also invited to the event. The Sports Gala was held in the spacious play ground. Colorful buntings and balloons were posted all the way from the Main Gate to the ground. The astounding logo of Dawood Public School and the backdrop presenting the creative art of the Dawoodians added glory to the event. Students were seated on separate enclosures under their house banners.

The Sports Day of all three sections commenced with the recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran. Later the prefects unfurled the national and the school flags, all present joined them in the national anthem. The Principal welcomed the parent and encouraged students to participate in co - curricular activities especially sports. She reiterated that sports instill positive values of honesty, sportsmanship, integrity and team spirit. She said that winning and losing is a part of the game. The Principal granted permission to formally open the event on all the three days.  Students pledged to participate in the sports day with honor, integrity and honesty.

Secondary section ‘Annual Sports Day’ was held on Wednesday, the 17th of February 2016.  The event began with the walk past of the contingents of the Fatima Jinnah House, the Bapsi Sidhwa House, Anita Gulam Ali House and Bilqees Edhi House.. The ‘Tug of War’ between the students of O-level and A-level sections was very interesting. Strength, endurance and determination to win were seen on both sides.  Much to the joy of A level students their team emerged victorious. Secondary Section Houses competed against each other and the Anita Gulam Ali House made to the 1st position by securing the maximum number of prizes and was awarded a trophy.

 The Annual Sports Day of the Pre Primary section was held in two slots on Thursday, the 18th of February, 2016. The sports activities for the preschoolers of the Pre-Nursery, Nursery, K.G.-I and K.G.II included a well coordinated walk past, amazing Yoga,  PE displays and interesting races. The Medley Markarina received thunderous applause. The little clowns entertained the guests throughout the event.

Primary section events were held on Wednesday, 17th and Friday 19th of February 2016. Students of the Primary Section classes eagerly displayed their athletic skills and participated in various races to compete for winning positions on the victory stand. Well coordinated PE displays on songs Star Jump by students of class I and Move and Freeze by class II enthralled the audience.

A feeling of excitement pervaded the air during the prize distribution ceremonies. The lucky winners celebrated their victory joyously when they received their certificates and medals from the Principal. Parents appreciated the efforts of the teachers and the management for organizing such a well planned event.


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