Animals Day:

The Animal Kingdom is an amazing and curious world to discover with new and interesting species of animal being discovered each year. Animals populate every part of the Earth and can be found in a vast amount of various shapes, sizes and colours. The animal kingdom contains around 10 million different species that live on land, sky or in the ocean.

To share the information about animals we conducted an activity about “Animal’s Day” on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 in Pre-Primary section.

Children from Play Group to Nursery were involved in this activity. Different animal projects were displayed in the classes categorized as Jungle animals, Pet animals and Farm animals. Environmental boards were also set up accordingly. Some children brought their pets such as rabbits and chicks. They shared information about their habitats and their food.

Class discussions were also done among the students and were also encouraged to do art work regarding this activity and took with them at home.

The activity was integrated with all subjects to create awareness about animals and the responsibility that comes as a part that we should be kind and gentle towards them and treat them nicely.

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