After Exam Activities (22nd to 23rd Dec 2016):

After a stressful period of examination an activity week was organised for students to let them break away from the academic routine and breathe in an inventive atmosphere.  These co curricular activities provide our students with a relaxing, pressure free environment where they interact with their peers; connect with their teachers and express their creativity.

Secondary Section

Singing Competition
A singing competition was planned for VIII graders. The music teacher Sir Sohail explained and gave a demo to students about karaoke, followed by the performances of the students. All the students participated enthusiastically and showcased their hidden talents

End Term Party
An end term party was hosted and organised by secondary teachers for students of grade VI, VII and VIII A fancy dress competition and the entertaining mannequin challenge by grade VIII were the highlights of the party. All the students of secondary section enjoyed the party and their immense participation and enthusiasm made the event successful.

Prop Making Competition
The prop and picture frame making competition organized for grade VI and VII were very engrossing. Students had an opportunity to express their creativity.  They made beautiful props.

Primary Section

Printmaking:Classes I to V
Printmaking allows kids to try out lots of different techniques and to see the cause and effect in action more dramatically than with simply painting or drawing. Students used different objects and paints to try image transfer techniques, and printed the impressions to create beautiful patterns. They were deeply engrossed and excitedly took part in this vibrant activity.

Building Structures with Rolled Newspaper: Classes I to V
Rolled newspapers are a building material which costs absolutely nothing. Primary section students rolled news papers tightly and taped these to form excellent, large-format building structures. They were encouraged by the teachers to do the job of making newspaper tubes as fast as they could to build towers.

Open Arts and Craft: Classes I to V
Young children feel a sense of emotional satisfaction when they are involved in making art whether they are modeling with clay, drawing with crayons or making a collage from recycled scraps. Our students brought numerous things; from matchsticks to tissue boxes, from ice cream sticks to paper glasses to test their creativity and eye hand coordination skills. The transformation of mere discarded pieces into beautiful work of art is indefinable.

How it feels: Classes I and II
To reinforce the topic of five senses a tactile awareness activity for students of grade I and II was organized. The little students created different drawings using different materials and perceived the sense of touch.

Figure me out: Classes III, Iv and V
A wonderful math activity, Figure Me Out’ was a great way to practice different strategies for adding and subtracting two-digit and three-digit numbers for students of III, IV and V to figure out about each other.



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