Active Citizen’s Programme:

DPS launched the Active Citizen’s Programme initiated by The British Council on the 22nd of May, 2017 with great zeal and fervor. Among the first five schools to be participating in this ground-breaking venture in Sindh and Balochistan, our trainers and students were immersed in an intense five day session full of skill building activities on how to develop an impactful and sustainable project that would bring a much needed positive change in our society.
Students were given a briefing on the details of the programme to help them gain a better understanding of it. Parents too shared the enthusiasm in the promise of the programme as they were given a detailed orientation prior to the start of the training sessions. The idea behind ACP is to bring a group of young volunteer students together to develop a project completely on their own (after being trained) with the objective that it would prove beneficial for the less fortunate.
Students left the training with a deep understanding of their own identity and the association with the culture and needs of our communities. Activities included developing critical thinking, negotiation tactics, empathy building and strategic planning of the prospective projects in the spirit of living up the pledge taken. Ms Kanwal Mustafa Shah, the Project Coordinator at The British Council, graced us with her presence for the final training session and was touched by the passion exhibited by the students in this venture.
We cannot wait to get the projects up and running in the upcoming session.


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