AKU Workshop:

The department of Emergency Medicine, AKUH, conducted a workshop on First Aid, for the faculty of Dawood Public School, on 10-06-2013. A group of 30 teachers attended this session. Dr. Shakil Siddiqui and Dr. Nishi Shakil conducted the workshop with the help of a video on CPR. The steps of First Aid on an unconscious patient were explained and every participant had a chance for hands on practice of chest compression on a dummy. They also learned how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).
They were trained in managing the bleeding from cuts and bandaging, application of splint on a fractured limb, how to manage Epistaxis, Insect bites and the maneuver of abdominal thrust if a person is choking.
Certificates of Participation were distributed at the end of the session.

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