15th National Children’s Mountain Conservation Meet 4th July to 13th July:

A team of 10 DPS students between the ages 12-14 participated in the 15thtional Children’s Mountain Conservation Meet-2017 held at Mangal near Abbottabad.

Students visited Bara Gali, Ayubia National Park, Kot Nakka and Mushkpuri. The resource personnel discussed with the students about flora, fauna, type of trees, importance of ecology, water shed management etc.

Students planted trees in Kot Nakka. In the SOS village they played friendly cricket match with the orphans. They also learnt how to pitch a tent, different types of knot making, hiking, tracking, and preserving dead insects by stuffing.

An art competition and a cultural show for participants were conducted by the organizers.    All students attending the NCMC participated and represented their culture through poetry, skits, dances and song. In the art competition our students Saman Waseem scoured 2nd and Minahil Jalees scored 6th position out of 10 student, Hoor Amir, Saman Waseem and Minahil Jalees were awarded the best participant shield.

We are grateful to The Dawood Foundation (TDF) for sponsoring the trip and providing an opportunity to our students to be a part of this educational trip. It was a healthy, productive and an excellent learning experience.



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