Independence Day:

On Wednesday, the 15th of August, students of Dawood Public School celebrated the Independance day. The Independence Day program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and its translation followed by a short cultural program in which all four sections participated.

Students of class 6th to 9th prepared projects based on the theme “Pakistan in a Global Perspective”. Through the project students showcased the diversity of culture and values of Pakistan to the world and vice versa.


The countries represented were: Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, America, Japan and China.

Each class was divided into two groups, one group represented the country they were allotted and the other group represented Pakistan. The Pre School students were dressed in the ethnic dress of the countries they were representing and some of them were in Pakistan’s national dress. The teachers briefed them about the culture and the other unique facts of the countries they were representing. They enjoyed this activity to their hearts content. This program was a success due to the cooperation of the DPS staff and the parents.


 All classes represented different aspects of Pakistan through plays, documentaries and presentations.

Students of Class 1 dressed up in colourful national dresses representing Pakistan, its culture and heritage. Class 2 performed a role play on the importance of Independence Day in the light of 27th night of Ramadan. Class 3 and Class 4 prepared and presented documentaries on the Historical Buildings and Historical Places of Pakistan respectively. Lastly, students of class 5 dressed up as famous personalities of Pakistan and highlighted their achievements, ending the program with a feeling of patriotism and reigniting the passion to do something for our country.


The countries represented were: Ghana, Egypt, Spain, Scotland, England, Canada, Egypt, America, Australia, China, Malaysia, Turkey and Paksitan.

First the ambassadors of the different areas of Pakistan visited the countries of the world (class to class). The ambassadors of these countries gave a presentation on their language, ethnic dress, landmarks, educational institutions, currency and other unique facts about themselves. Once the Pakistani delegation completed its tour, the ambassadors of other countries reciprocated the gesture and visited Pakistan. The classes representing Pakistan gave a presentation on their own unique culture and tradition. A documentary “The Evolution of Pakistan” prepared by Ms. Sadaf Anwar depicted Pakistan right from the day of its inception to the present day.

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